Church of God in Christ

Bishop William A. Prioleau

Jurisdictional Prelate

"My mouth shall speak of wisdom; and the meditation of my heart shall be of understanding." Psalm 49:3

The Church of God in Christ, Inc. (COGIC) is a Christian organization in the Holiness-Pentecostal tradition. It is the largest Pentecostal denomination in the Country.



As Seen Through the Life & Lens of Johnie Johnson

This video trailer recording is the “living story” of the life, ministry and legacy of Bishop Johnie James Johnson, born to Jeff and Margaret Johnson of Summerton, SC, on November 11, 1923. He is the sixth of eight children, the fifth boy, with two sisters who died at birth.  His life is an American story, a product of the Deep South of the Depression Era, the Hoover Days, FDR’s New Deal for America and World War II, where he became a man and defended his country as a sailor in the United States Navy.  Told in his own words and accented with live snapshots of himself and others, this DVD gives us a picture of a life of one who has been blessed to see and do Greater Works in every sphere of his life.  His is indeed the story of a Chosen Bootstrapper & the Greater Works that have been birthed through his life, service and ministry.  He is a proud son of his parents, stood shoulder-to-shoulder with his brothers, a loving husband, a caring provider as a parent, a pioneering pastor and churchman, a businessman and a community servant.
 Rev. Dr. Floyd Flake, the renowned former US Congressman and retired pastor of Allen Institutional African Methodist Episcopal Church, Jamaica, New York, describes his journey in life and ministry as “The Way of The Bootstrapper.”     In the book, he defines a Bootstrapper as a person who: “makes it against the odds, through self-directed action. . . [They have] a mindset that allows [them] to rise over and above the ordinary and [in their place and time] become extraordinary.”  Bootstrapping is a way of taking responsibility for and building your own life while bringing reality to your dreams.”  And great bootstrappers, no matter how independent and successful, realize that their success is always dependent on the love and support of others.  Rev. Flake’s words describe what you will find herein:  THE GREATER WORKS OF A CHOSEN BOOTSTRAPPER:  As Seen Through the Life & Lens of Johnie Johnson.