Jurisdictional Leadership

South Carolina

Jurisdictional Cabinet
and Official Appointments 

Administrative Assistants

1st Assistant Supt. James L. Lee
2nd Assistant Supt. Johnny Prioleau
3rd Assistant Supt. Alonzo Johnson
4th Assistant Supt. Carl McCluney 

Episcopal Secretary

Evangelist Denise Jones 

Jurisdictional Secretary

Pastor Jessie Williams – Secretary
Elder Calvin Peterson – Asst. Secretary

Director of Operations & Convention Affairs

Pastor Derrick W. Hutchins 

Executive Secretary

Sister Alfreda Wright 

Dean of Education

Pastor Wayne Penn, Sr.

Commission of Campus Development for the SC Jurisdictional  Headquarters 

Director: Pastor Harry A. Bowser 
Asst. Director: Elder Earl Kenneth Johnson 
Advisor: Bishop Keith A. Kershaw

Office of Budget & Finance

Chairman Pastor Luther Holmes, Jr.
Financial Secretary Sister Linda Wright
Treasurer Pastor John Trueluck 

men's ministry

President Pastor Ted Pasley
1st Vice President Pastor Roy Hooker
2nd Vice President Pastor Lloyd Grecia

Board of Superintendents 

Admin. Asst. James L. Lee 
Admin. Asst. Johnny Prioleau 
Admin. Asst. Alonzo Johnson 
Bishop Keith A. Kershaw 
Admin. Asst. Carl McCluney 
Supt. Joseph Brown 
Supt. Earnest Odom
Supt. Designate Ronald Grant 

Jurisdictional Prayer Ministry

region 1

Eastern, Southeastern and Southern Districts
Pastor Morris Crockett, Chair
District Missy. Carolyn Borum, Vice Chair

region 2

C.H Mason, Lower Midlands, and Northern Districts
Pastor William Rogers, Chair
Evangelist Deborah White, Vice Chair

region 3

Capital, Upstate and South-Central Districts
District Miss'y. Marcella Bristow, Chair
Evangelist Carolyn Allen, Vice Chair

Ordination Board

Chairman Supt. Joseph Brown 
Secretary Pastor Wayne Penn
Pastor William Borum
Pastor James White 
Pastor Lawrence Williams 

Headquarters Security Team

Chairman Deacon Charles Corum 
Vice Chairman Elder Stanley Chisolm 
Elder Ransom Reese 
Minister Troy Johnson 
*Two female security team members will be added.

Episcopal Security Team

Chairman Elder Ethelbert Byers 
Deacon Roderick McQueen

Auxiliaries In Ministries

Chairman Pastor G. Lydell Mungin
Vice Chairman Elder Anthony Ramsey 

Youth Department

President Elder Gary Lee 
Chairlady Lady Tarsha Jefferson

Music Department

President Sister Yolanda Manning 
Vice President Minister Aarian Land 

Credentials Committee

Chairman Admin. Asst. Carl McCluney 
Pastor Woodrow Allen 
Pastor Julius Ragin 
Pastor Joe Newsome 



Pastor Devon Wilson, President
Elect Lady Deborah E. White

Sunday School Department

Superintendent Elder James Travis  Representative Sister Kimberly Smith

Jurisdictional Crisis Ministry

Admin. Asst. Carl McCluney, Chairman
Elder Ethelbert Byers, President

Scholastic Motivation MinistrieS

Sis. Karen Brown, Director

Jurisdictional Adjutancy

Pastor Edward Martin, Chief Adjutant

Jurisdictional Public Relations

Sister Angie Rivers

Supervisor of Women and Executive Team


Mother Willie Mae Rivers


Mother Annie P. Moody


Mother Henrietta Edwards

Jurisdictional Auxiliary Leaders


Pastor Devon Wilson
Lady Deborah White
Elect Lady


Elder Ethelbert Byers


Sis. Yolanda Manning
Elder Aarian Land
Vice President

Sunday School

Elder James Travis
Sis. Kimberly Smith
Field Representative


Elder Gary Lee
Lady Tarsha Jefferson

Scholastic Motivation

Sis. Karen Brown
Sis. Gloria Goodwyn
Assistant Coordinator