Jurisdiction History

How it all started...

The Church of God in Christ roots in South Carolina date as far back to the 1920's under the leadership of Elder D. J. James and Mother Denton. An evangelistic thrust spread throughout South Carolina with noted ministers such as: W. M. Smith, M. E. Jenkins, C. B. Brown, J. T. Barber and H. W. Worth. From this thrust, five churches were established - Dewy Hill Mission, Charleston (New Jerusalem); 18-F Street, Charleston (no longer a part of the jurisdiction); St. Stephen, under the leadership of Dad Jamison, Walterboro; St. Mark, Camden; State Temple (now Greater Miracle Temple) Orangeburg. State Temple was the headquarters. And now under the leadership of God's humble servant, Bishop Johnie James Johnson, we have returned to our South Carolina Jerusalem.
During the next four decades, forty (40) congregations were established; Calvary, Goose Creek; Mt. Calvary, Logoff; Mason Temple, Conway; Cato Chapel, Bethune; St. Noah, Aiken; Bowman Temple, Bowman. (1946-1956); Evening of Prayer, Charleston Heights; Friendship, Lincolnville; Victory, Charleston; Solomon Temple, Robertsville; Fairfax (now Greater Faith Temple); 1956-1966 Fair Street, Savannah (no longer with the jurisdiction). There were other churches that are no longer with the jurisdiction. The dates of their beginnings were not available to us. It is believed that some of them were established during this decade as well as some of our existing churches that did not make available their beginning dates. Our history will have a void without mentioning these churches: Jacob Temple, Tillman; Johnson Temple, Holly Hill (established through the Johnie J. Johnson Radio Ministry); Victory Temple, Denmark; St. Phillip, Govan Holy Temple, Bamberg; 1966-1976 Little Mission (the present Zion Tabernacle), Moore; Myers Temple, Strawberry; Cathedral of Miracles (formally Miracle Temple) no longer with us: Jackson Temple; Faith Temple, Wallace; Redeemed Temple, Cheraw; Blackville (Present Ebenezer) - this church structure is located on Church of God In Christ property purchased by the late Elder Paul Taylor and the St. Phillip, Govan church family. Canty Memorial, Sumter; Community Memorial, Columbia (an extension of Latimer Temple.)
Pioneers whose contributions to the ministry here in the South Carolina Jurisdiction will long be remembered. Many of them are yet serving and some have gone home to be with the Lord. These servants are: Bishop John Wesley Wilson; Elder Corner (the father of the late Mother Janie Thomas, Elder Hunt and missionaries; Gussie Hunt, Rebecca Brown, Deacon Jimmy and Roberta Johnson; Mother Mary Lou Maynor (1900-1999); Our precious Mother Joesire Jones. Momma Joe will be remembered by all for her very sweet spirit (19-- - 2001); Superintendent Jacob C. Dantzler and Missionary Francine Dantzler. Superintendent Robert Coaxum (when he heard the full gospel preached by Superintendent Dantzler, received the baptism of the Holy Ghost and was later forced to resign the Community Baptist Church); Mother Willie Mae Rivers our very capable Supervisor of women (Jurisdiction and National) heard the Word preached by Superintendent Dantzler, ("You will want to die and can't") believed, received and is covering the United States and other countries telling men, women, boys and girls that they can be saved. Mother Alice Marie Saunders (late Supervisor) the stylish and capable Ortilee Priester; Mother Priester was a very capable District Missionary; Superintendent David Johnson and our present Bishop Johnie J. Johnson along with their wives: Missionary Earline Johnson and our precious first lady, Mother Thelma Johnson; South Carolina Jurisdiction is very blessed. We have a rich heritage.
In September 1974, Bishop John Wesley Wilson (known as the voice of the South) went home to be with the Lord. Bishop Jacob Cohen (interim) organized the John Wesley Wilson Memorial Institute and the Johns Wesley Wilson Chapter an affiliate of the Charles Harrison Mason Foundation. In 1975 Bishop Harold Jenkins Bell was appointed by the late Bishop James O. Patterson to serve as jurisdictional prelate. Bishop Bell brought to us the "Progressive Change" program, we received a new financial system (20% of the tithe), the districts were renamed and the boundaries were redrawn geographically. Servants such as Supt. J. C. Dantzler, Missionaries: Ruth Farmer, Ruhbena Reese, Emma J. Lewis, and Sister Alfreda Wright traveled over South Carolina gathering information needed for the "Progressive Change Program." All ofour conventions were united under one umbrella called the "TRIAD CONVENTION (John Wesley Wilson Institute, United Jurisdictional Auxiliaries "UJAC", and the Women Convention) and HOLY CONVOCATION." convening in July, which has proved to be a "family phenomenon," unsurpassed.
During the "Progressive Change" era, the following churches were established: Believers Temple, Warren Temple, Deliverance Tabernacle, Prayer Room (now House of Prayer), Maranatha (now Family Worship Center) and Pentecostal Temple, North Carolina.

In January 1984, Elder Johnie Johnson, a native son and pioneer of South Carolina was appointed Jurisdictional Bishop by the late Presiding Bishop J.O. Patterson. Bishop Johnson's administration brought ten churches to the jurisdiction: Deliver Soul Saving, Grace Cathedral, Ecclesia, Refuge Temple, Glad Tidings, Greater Faith, Faith & Deliverance, Pentecostal Temple, Emmanuel, Crown of Life, Moultrie Temple, One to One Ministries, Genesis and Abundant Life.
During the 1990s more churches and missions were added to the jurisdiction: Charity Inspirational, Gospel Mission, Gospel Tabernacle-Charleston, Gospel Tabernacle-Greenwood, Grace Cathedral Christian Center, Grace Temple, Hope Gospel Temple, New Joy, True Way Community. Since 1984 through the leadership of Bishop Johnson, we have made much progress. The Districts financial structure and the Rebate System were revised. The Northeastern was added to the jurisdiction, Elder E. N. Brockington, District Superintendent. One very giant step was the acquisition of more than 200 acres of property. We are so blessed to have a leader such as Bishop Johnson. He brought us back to our Headquarters. Such an achievement has never been done in the SC Jurisdiction. And "All the Glory, All the honor, and all the praises belong to God."One very giant step was the acquisition of more than 200 acres of property. We are so blessed to have a leader such as Bishop Johnson. He brought us back to our Headquarters. Suchan achievement has never been done in the SC Jurisdiction. And "All the Glory, All the honor, and all the praises belong to God."
South Carolina continues to make progress under the leadership of Bishop Johnson, Mother Willie Mae Rivers and his capable Assistant William A. Prioleau, superintendents, pastors, elders, Elder James L. Lee (Chairman of Commission on Budget & Finance), Elder Edward L. Johnson (Jurisdictional Secretary and member of the building Committee), Elder James H. Lee (Building Coordinator), Dr. Alonzo Johnson (Dean of Institute), staff members and loyal members.
We are yet growing, more churches have been added: Agape, Abundant Life, Community Memorial, Gospel Explosion, Greater Harvest, Light of the World, Miracle, New Harvest Ministries, Northwestern Christian Ministries, River of Life, St. Luke, True Way and Unity. And we welcome, New Hope, Moncks Corner; Fruit of the Spirit, Fairfax; True Holiness, Myrtle Beach; Universal Outreach Ministry, Columbia; Miracle Tabernacle, Myrtle Beach; Fresh Anointing, Summerville.
During this present administration many local pastors along with the congregations have built, purchased, or renovated new churches: Canty Memorial, Mason Temple, Evening of Prayer, New Jerusalem, Abundant Life, Victory, Family Worship Center, Grace Cathedral, Bowman Temple, Cato Chapel, Friendship Inspirational, Johnson Temple, Refuge, River of Life.

We are blessed for the fourth time to hold our Triad Convention and Holy Convocation on our own property. Bishop Johnson is one Happy Leader; he brought us back to our headquarters. Some of us remember playing as little children on the grounds of State Temple during the conventions. Yes, we do remember, and TO GOD BE THE GLORY!