Yolanda Manning President
Vice President
Aarian Land  Vice President
Minister Of Music
Kabra Benford  Minister Of Music

Music Department

About Us

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I.  Purpose
 The SCJ Music Ministry is designed to prepare the congregation for the Word of God.  Consider the tiller and the sower...before the seed can be planted, the ground must be broken and tilled. Sacred Music breaks up the fallow ground (the hearts of the people) and prepares the congregation for the Word. 
II. Mission Statement
 The mission of the SCJ Music Department is to minister in song, hymns, and spiritual songs under the anointing of God while in agreement with the leadership of our church.  
III. Goals
  • To enhance all worship services through high-quality music
  • To recruit and encourage singers and musicians throughout the jurisdiction
  • To engage in outreach and evangelism through the use of music
  • To work together in unity and love

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